Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Time to Blog

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I have not been blogging lately because I have made the excuse that I need to work on my long term project, which this blog is ostensibly an aspect of. I have not actually written anything on the large project except for three or so, brief spurts. In addition, I have been, still am way behind in responding to student papers. I need to comment on essays and correct tests and quizzes, and make up an exam. 

I do not waste great swathes of time (there might be something dissolutely grand about that); I fritter away tiny shards of time so that I need not feel guilty about the time I waste on this and the time I waste on that because no one thing occupies me for a period of time that would be useful for anything of importance. Such a practice has the effect of putting off doing student papers one paper at a time. 

Part of the problem is that focusing attention for even a brief while can sometimes produce something of value, especially if it crystallizes a network of moments into something more than a list. So is this one of those crystallizing events or is it another shard in the heap by the door.