Sunday, April 27, 2014


I am so tired. An inauspicious way to begin. One morning last week, I walked on the winter side of the edge of spring: though it was well into April, it was just barely 20F and during the night leading into that morning it had snowed and had been in the teens. Two days before that, however, the temperature had been in the mid-seventies, so then we had been fairly far over the spring border in the summer side that day. But I am tired. Spring is a line we draw through the chaos of weather and then cleave to it, with effort.

The calendar designation of spring is easy, and insofar as such labels go, logical. It is the time between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice. But what is spring weather? We create the concept of spring and with it comes attributes of the weather. When the weather during the actual spring is very cold or hot, then we complain that it is not spring weather. But it is spring weather because it is spring and that is the weather. What is defective is our idea of the weather. We expend energy trying to bridge the gap between our expectation of what spring is and what spring is. If we were to let go of spring, we could enjoy spring more for its gift of the expected unexpected.

Past weather Wellsboro - april 2014

Average high temperature:19.1°F (normal: 55°F)
Average low temperature:10.5°F (normal: 32°F)
Average temperature:14.8°F (normal: 44°F)
Total Precipitation:1.11 inch (normal: 2.87 inch)
Total snowfall:0 inch
Highest max temperature:64.9°F
Lowest max temperature:°F
Highest min temperature:35.1°F
Lowest min temperature:°F

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